Curved Tempered Glass

Curved tempered glass or curved heat-strengthened glass, is achieved by heating glass to softening temperature and then bending by weight or external force, followed by fast cooling with air blowing. WHTB adopts advanced synchronized roller way formation technology, being able to produce various curved tempered glass products, such as round-shaped, J-shaped etc., with high formation precision and quality. If required by application, curved insulating glass, curved laminated glass, or curved tempered laminated coated insulating glass by use of bendable coated glass, can also be manufactured.
Curved Tempered Glass APPLICATION
Round glass curtain wall, lighting ceiling, sight viewing elevator channel, indoor round shaped partition, glass guard-rail, decoration glass, furniture etc.
Curved Tempered Glass Capabilities
Thickness: 5 mm -19 mm    (1/5"-3/4″)
Maximum dimension): 2440 mm x 4200 mm (96″x165″)
Minimum dimension: 600 mm x 400 mm  (24"x16″)
Code Compliance: GB 15763.2  ASTM 1464  AS/NZS 2208  BS/EN 1215