Solar Reflective Glass

WHTB solar reflective glass range is an offline coated glass manufactured by magnetron sputtering deposition under vacuum conditions onto float glass. The manufacturing process and type of materials with which the glass is coated ensure that this coating offers excellent resistance and stability over time.
These qualities enable this coated glass to be processed (e.g. tempered, laminated, bent, enameled etc.), while still retaining its aesthetic and technical benefits.
Solar Reflective Glass APPLICATION
The improved durability and post coating processing flexibility makes WHTB solar reflective glass for all types of constructions, whether for major architectural projects or smaller buildings:
commercial office buildings
verandas and skylights
residential high-rises
Solar Reflective Glass ADVANTAGE
Energy savings for air conditioning
Large range from transparent to darkest on clear, green or blue glass
Easy to store, handle and process coated glass
Temperable and bendable glass
Possible combination with WHTB CL  on face 3 for a more efficient thermal insulation
Can be used as single glass
Solar Reflective Glass capabilities
Dimensions of standard sheet:
2440mm x3660mm(96"x144"), 2540mm x4800mm (100"x189"), 2540mm x3300mm (100"x130"),2440mm x3300mm (96"x130")
Thickness: 3 mm -19 mm  (1/8"to 3/4")
Code compliance: GB/T18915.2  EN1096  ASTM C1376
The other thicknesses and sizes may be available upon request.